5 Key Steps to Help Understand the Water Damage Restoration Process

If you have ever experienced water damage as a result of a leaking pipe or other reason, then you understand how frustrating fixing this issue can be. Water damage is a serious issue if not dealt with properly. Mold is just one of the issues that can start forming by not addressing water damage immediately. It is important that you address these problems and reduce the need for mold remediation, in order to do this you should have a better understanding of the Water Damage Restoration Process.

First Response Assesses the Damage

Step 1. First Response Assesses the Damage

Our office will schedule a time for a project manager to meet you at your home to assess the Water damage in your home. We will utilize a moisture meter and infrared camera to check for hidden water damage behind your walls and flooring. Once this is complete, we will develop an effective, yet efficient strategy for remediating the damage within your home.

Emergency Water Removal Process

Step 2. Emergency Water Removal

Once our contracts are signed, we can then dispatch technicians to start the process of removing any standing water from your home. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art truck-mounted extraction units and pumps. These specialized tools help by rapidly removing large amounts of water from your home. This step is extremely time sensitive since mold growth can occur within the first 48 to 72 hours.

Cleaning and sanitizing of the Water Damaged areas of your home

Step 3. Cleaning & Sanitizing

The Next critical step is the cleaning and sanitizing of the Water Damaged areas of your home. Before the home can be dried you need to first disinfect the areas of concern. First Response utilizes plant-based cleaning agents to ensure your health isn't at risk. This step helps by minimizing the potential of any mold growth since all the bacteria is killed!


Step 4. Dehumidification

Once all the standing water is removed and the affected areas are cleaned the next step in our Water Damage process is to ensure that your home is properly dried. This step is crucial to prevent any mold growth. Our IICRC Certified technicians are trained to stabilize and reduce moisture levels within the home.

Water Damage process is restoring your home

Step 5. Restoration

The last step in the Water Damage process is restoring your home. We will work directly with your insurance carrier to ensure your home is restored to pre-loss conditions.

If you find yourself in need of water damage restoration, we encourage you to give First Response Restoration a call. The sooner we can assess your home; the sooner we can get you back to your normal stress-free life.

From Water Damage Cleanup to Water Damage Repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Let us be your First Response!

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Upon receiving the call, First Response promptly sent a team of experienced professionals to the customer's residence. Upon arrival, they efficiently evaluated the situation and promptly started the process of removing water from the wet carpet. Afte...

Brewster, NY

Upon receiving the initial call, First Response promptly mobilized for emergency cleanup, employing specialized equipment to extract water and debris efficiently. They swiftly applied rapid drying methods to minimize additional harm, thwart mold form...

Brewster, NY

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Putnam Valley, NY

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We highly recommend First Response for any type of home restoration. They are friendly and professional and quick to respond!!! If you live the Westchester, NYC, CT area you MUST call them!!! THANKS FIRST RESPONSE!!!

Brewster, NY

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First Response is there when you need them! Amazing service.

Norwalk, CT

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Great company. We refer them to all of our customers.

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