Refrigerator Leakage Cleanup Service around Westchester, NY

The refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances for your daily usage. But due to various reasons, it can face leakage issues. This might not seem that dangerous. However, avoiding the problem and not taking necessary actions can lead to some havoc. First Response Restoration comes forward to help you with the best solutions to clean up refrigerator leaks. Our company understands how hazardous this appliance failure can be. So, we are always one step ahead to provide you with high-quality services for any water damage your property might face.

We are serving the people of Scarsdale, Spring Valley, Greenwich and neighborhoods in Westchester. To appoint us, make a call at 914-268-6141. You can also go to this link for online bookings.

Know The Possible Sources of Water Leakage from Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator leakage cleanup

Refrigerator leakage can happen for different reasons. But if you have proper knowledge of the sources, you might be able to figure out the issue and contact us as fast as possible. Let’s jump on the topic to understand the roots of where the mess might occur.

  • Leak in the water supply line due to poor water flow.
  • Improper installation of the water filter
  • The connection between the water filter and the water supply line isn’t established appropriately.
  • Cracks in the drain pan
  • The defrost tube is clogged because of debris or food particles

First Response Restoration Cleans up Your Appliances Failure

Our company is one of the leading companies in this cleanup and restoration industry all over New York and Connecticut. We are operating our services 24/7 throughout the year. The company is fully licensed and insured, working in this sector for years. We offer you free estimations as well.

Besides refrigerator leakage, we are also serving you with other services - Dishwasher Overflow, Washing Machine Cleanup, Water Heater Burst Cleanup, etc. Visit the link here to get more information about our services. Call us at 914-268-6141 for an urgent response.

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Norwalk, CT

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Great company. We refer them to all of our customers.

Bridgeport, CT

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The crew of Spencer, Chris, Ralph and Anthony was very professional. They were friendly and Spencer explained exactly what they were doing and remedy. The left my kitchen spotless. I will definitely used them again. Thank you!!

Putnam Valley, NY

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We highly recommend First Response for any type of home restoration. They are friendly and professional and quick to respond!!! If you live the Westchester, NYC, CT area you MUST call them!!! THANKS FIRST RESPONSE!!!

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Yorktown Heights, NY

First Response Restoration swiftly addressed the flood in the yoga studio by deploying their skilled team equipped with advanced water extraction tools. Their comprehensive solution included efficient water removal, thorough drying processes, and met...

Poughkeepsie, NY

First Response promptly addressed the customer's water damage issue resulting from a leaking dishwasher. After conducting a thorough assessment, they determined the necessity for removing appliances, counters, and flooring to prevent additional damag...

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