Warning Signs of Broken Pipes

Picture yourself sipping your morning coffee outside when you stumble into a flood. The onset of fear. You may have immediate concerns about a possible broken pipe. Usually, a broken water line occurs unexpectedly. However, a cautious home or business owner can often tell when a pipe is about to break by keeping an eye out for specific warning signs. For more information on the causes, signs, and recommended response to a broken pipe, continue reading.

Common Broken Pipe Warning Signs

Pipes that burst can result in a significant mess and a significant increase in the expense to remediate the damage. You should do all in your power to prevent pipes from bursting. In light of this, we have compiled a list of telltale warning signals for you to keep an eye out for before anything significant takes place. They are as follows:

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  • Discolored water: If you find that your water is hazy or has a strange color, this could be an indication that rust or dirt is getting into your water supply through cracks in the pipes.
  • Low water pressure: A sign of a leak could be a drop in the water pressure. It's possible that the water pressure is too low, which would be a major issue.
  • Unusual plumbing noises: When you use your faucets or toilets, you could hear weird gurgling or bubbling sounds emanating from them. This could be a sign of a problem. The longer it takes to determine what is causing this issue, the more extensive the damage caused by the water will be.
  • Unusual Water Bills: If you have received a water bill that is significantly higher than usual and you have not made any changes to the amount of water you use, a burst pipe may be the cause.
  • Mold Problems: Burst pipes create extra moisture, which can cause mold growth across the affected area, as well as a musty odor.
  • Water Marks: Walls that have water stains or feel damp are another indication of a broken pipe.

What to Do If Broken Pipes Cause Water Damage?

You shouldn't fix a broken pipe yourself. If any of these danger signs arise in your home, contact a professional with the right equipment and abilities to fix it. First Response Restoration's emergency crews are available 24/7/365 to fix broken pipes. To schedule restoration services, call 914-268-6141, or click here.