Water Pipe Break Restoration in Westchester & Fairfield

Water pipe break is an incident so unpleasant that you might never want to face it in your life. Unfortunately, it happens and you have to deal with it nevertheless.

As primary actions, you can switch off the water supply, get rid of as much water as possible, keep the doors open and turn up the heat to prevent further water damage to your wooden floors.

Although, it almost always calls for professional aid to restore water pipe breaks and stop the water damage that might be caused by the floor water.

First Response Restoration provides expert restoration services in water pipe break emergencies. Our professional support is always available in Brookfield, Castle Point, Danbury & other service areas. Call 914-268-6141 or contact us online.

7 Common Reasons Behind Water Pipe Breaks

Pipe Freezing

Water pipe freezing is mostly the reason behind pipe breaks in areas with extremely cold weather. In a situation like this, calling for professional help is mandatory most of the time.


Clogs are blockages in the water pipes that disrupt the flow of water. When the volume of clogs becomes too high, the water pipe gets damaged and broken.

Excessive Water Pressure

When the water inside a pipe starts flowing more severely than usual, it can cause water pipe break situations. Once the damage is done, the pipe requires immediate replacement most of the time.

Chemical Imbalance

A natural amount of calcium and magnesium is usually present in many water sources. When the percentage of these elements becomes too much more than usual, the water becomes heavy. It might cause corrosion in the pipes and weaken them to get broken later.

Shifting Soil Conditions

If the soil condition around a water pipe changes too much, it can cause damage to the pipes that are set beneath the ground. You can prevent this by placing the underground pipes deep enough. Although once they are broken, they’re beyond help and need professionals to fix them properly.

Accidental Damage

If not careful enough, humans also cause damage to the pipes that might lead to pipe breaks. Pipes that are always exposed are most prone to these types of incidents.

Poor Installation

Sometimes it is just the poor quality of the pipe installation process that causes the pipes to break eventually.

First Response Restoration Offers Expert Aid in Your Area

First Response Restoration is a leading damage restoration company in Westchester, New York. We provide emergency restoration services for any type of water pipe break incident in Westchester & our other service areas. Get your broken pipe restored and enjoy the smooth flow of water again!

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