Hidden Leaks Detection & Solution

When water comes into your home undetected, it may cause extensive damage to your property. Without prompt attention, even little water damage may cause significant property, structural, and wood floor damage. However, if water leaks are located and repaired quickly, water damage and secondary damage may be avoided.

Fortunately, if you detect the leaks early enough, you can save money. Here in this article, we will find ways to detect hidden water leaks so that you can check them in your house by yourself.

Effective Ways to Detect Hidden Leaks

Basement hidden leak

To detect hidden leaks you need to be cautious of the following factors which are mentioned below-

  • Take a close look at the water meter. Turn off every water source in the house and then read the meter. The presence of a running meter is conclusive evidence of a water leak.
  • You have a water leak if you switch off every faucet in the house and still hear water dripping somewhere.
  • If there is visible moisture in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area, you may have a water leak. A water leak may cause major structural damage to your home and promote the spread of mold if not addressed quickly.
  • If there is a leak in the water pipes, mold will begin to form within the walls.
  • Walls that are damp and moldy contribute to an unsettling atmosphere in your house. If you discover that the air in your house smells musty, there is a significant chance that there is a water leak somewhere in the structure.

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