Restaurant Restoration Services in Westchester and Fairfield County

Restaurants must maintain their image and reputation, as the ambiance significantly impacts a diner's dining experience. Restaurant owners invest in creating a unique and appealing interior and exterior space. However, common disasters like fires and floods can endanger a restaurant. It is the owner's responsibility to find a way to restore the restaurant, and First Response Restoration can help. To get our services in White PlainsYonkersHarrison, and other cities and service areas, contact us online today.


Mold Removal: When Do You Need Our Assistance?

Mold damage, often caused by water damage, poses a significant threat to restaurants's food service, commercial kitchens, and the overall environment. That’s why First Response Restoration is a top choice for mold removal in Putnam, New York, as well as Fairfield, Connecticut. Let’s see some common signs when you need to call us to minimize mold growth and water damage.

  • Water Pipe Leaks
  • Rusty Water Pipes
  • Warped Drywall
  • Musty Odor
  • Flu or Allergic Reaction
  • Condensation and Humidity

Storm, Flood, and Disaster Restoration by First Response Restoration

As a damage restoration expert, we are available 24/7 to handle severe disasters and storm damage, including tree falls, hail, wind, and lightning strikes. We offer assistance with water damage insurance claims for all types of disasters or storm damage. Our technicians will bill directly to your insurance provider and assist in filing your claim. With the right skills and technology, we can help you open your restaurant quickly and efficiently, ensuring your business can resume serving customers.

Count on Us for Reliable Restoration Services!

Our team offers mitigation/remediation and reconstruction services to help restaurants open and serve customers. We prioritize adhering to regulations, health codes, and potential hazards when cleaning and restoring food service spaces. Our experienced technicians are trained in cleaning and restoring facilities of all sizes. Give us a call at 914-268-6141 for more information or to schedule commercial restoration services.