Mold Effects on Health

Molds are a typical issue in indoor environments. They grow in damp areas like those caused by flooding, broken water pipelines, leaking rooftops, or windows. Molds release toxins and pathogens that can severely impact human health. If you discover mildew in your structure, you must take action immediately.

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allergic reaction on health

Who Is at Risk of Mold Reactions?

People who are sensitive to mold may experience allergic symptoms such as sneezing, skin rashes, runny noses, and red eyes after touching or inhaling mold spores. Those who have serious mold allergies might have more serious reactions, including breathing difficulties. Breathing in mold spores can also trigger asthma attacks in persons who have asthma and are allergic to mold.

Asthmatics and allergy sufferers aren't the only ones who can be more vulnerable to mold's effects. There are others who can also be more sensitive to mold's effects. These include:

  • The elderly people
  • Infants and children
  • People who have chronic lung disease
  • Persons whose immune systems have been weakened by cancer, chemotherapy, liver illness, or HIV infection

Why Should You Rely on First Response Restoration?

First Response Restoration is a BBB Accredited business that offers effective and fast restoration services. Our response team is available 24/7 and the response time is only 45 minutes. We also specialize in black mold removal services. We also offer superior water damage restoration services to prevent mold growth. Give us a call at 914-268-6141 or click this link to schedule our services.