Water Leak Under House in Westchester & Rockland, NY

A water leak under the foundation can cause a sudden sinking or wet floor. If you have an underground water leak and don't fix it, it can cause structural damage, mold damage, pest infestation, and more damage that is inconvenient and expensive to fix.

The good news is that First Response Restoration has developed cutting-edge techniques for detecting water leaks under the house. After detecting the source, take the necessary steps to prevent water from leaking and remove all standing water immediately. We restore the water-damaged floor within the shortest possible time. Fairfield, Yonkers, White Plains, New Rochelle, and other cities throughout Westchester & Rockland, NY can all take advantage of our superior water removal and floor damage restoration services. Call 914-268-6141 today if you have a water leak under your house and need our help.

Warning Signs of a Water Leak Under the House

Some potential signs of a groundwater leak beneath your property are as follows:

  • The water quality is poor
  • Water puddles in the yard
  • There is moisture on the walls or floor
  • Foundation cracks
  • The dirt on the land rarely gets dry
  • The floor has begun to sprout mold
  • Water pressure is substantially lower than usual
  • Your monthly utility expenditures have increased significantly
  • The ground is making a hissing or bubbling noise


First Response Restoration's Immediate Underground Water Leak Restoration Service

Leaks in the groundwater should not be ignored because they can lead to mold growth and structural damage to the building's floors, walls, and ceilings. When a leak has been there for a long time and damaged your home's structure, it's impossible to estimate expenditures.

We the restoration experts at First Response Restoration can assist you in restoring all water-damaged areas and properties. We use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to restore the damaged property to its pre-damaged state.

Let Us Repair Your Property’s Groundwater Leak

Besides floor water damage restoration for under-house water leaks, First Response Restoration offers a wide range of water damage restoration services for water pipe breaks, plumbing overflow, appliance leaks, toilet overflow, and more. Please call us at 914-268-6141 or click here if you have any queries about our offerings.