A/C Unit Drain Overflow Clean-up in Fairfield & Westchester

The condensate drain is an essential component that is a little drop line on the exterior of your air conditioner. Condensation from the evaporator coil of your air conditioner is exited via this drain. If this line is left uncleaned, the water will overflow. It may flood any part of your home.

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AC unit drain overflow cleanup

Common Cause for A/C Unit Drain Overflow

There are several reasons for A/C unit drain overflow. Take a look at some of it-

  • Drainage line blockage: If the drain system gets clogged, water will leak directly from your air conditioner. Water might back up into your house due to a blocked drainpipe.
  • Algae, Mold: A clogged drainpipe is the most frequent reason for blocking an air conditioner's water drain pan. Mold and other bacteria may develop in the refrigerant coils and tubes, and after some time, algae and mildew may clog the A/C drain line, causing water to collect and overflow into the drain pan.
  • System Deterioration: If the HVAC system is old enough to change, it may cause the drain overflow due to not working correctly.
AC unit drain overflow cleanup service

What Problem It Causes

If your drain line clogs, water may accumulate and spill over the overflow pan onto the attic floor or into your HVAC closet, disrupting your system and perhaps leading to it shutting down, slowed water flow, or in more severe circumstances, water damage to your home. Overflowing AC unit drain lines may dampen numerous areas of your house, which will encourage mold and algae growth. As these organisms grow, they may contaminate the air in your home, which may have adverse health effects. They can also harm the components of your air conditioner and cause clogs in the condensate drain.

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