Preventing Mold Infestation in Westchester & Fairfield

If there is dampness in your house, then it means many problems in your house. Dampness can cause mold to grow on your window frames, walls, and furniture, causing them to deteriorate. A mold is a form of fungus that grows from airborne spores.

In addition to the potential harm it could do to structures, mold may also be harmful to people's health. So, it is preferable to prevent the growth of mold than to get rid of it once it has been found and that is where the top-notch mold infestation prevention services of First Response Restoration come in.

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Signs That Your House Has a Mold Problem


Some signs that you have a mold problem in your house are given below:

Polluted carpets: Rugs and carpeted areas are particularly susceptible to the growth of mold in the home. Keep a watchful eye out for any stains, smells, or spots on the carpet. It is crucial to check all the sides of the carpet if you discover anything unusual.

Fungus in the furniture of your house: Moist leather and wood are attractive to mildew, while porous materials like foam and upholstered furniture are more prone to contain mold spores. Check your furniture's fibers frequently for any spores, fuzz, or spots that are discolored.

Rotten smell: You will get a musty, damp smell emanating from your walls or floors when there is a mold issue in your house.

Why Should You Choose First Response Restoration?

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