Walls & Water Damage in Westchester County, NY

It is very common for Water damage to occur behind walls, under floors, in ceilings, and in places the naked eye can’t see. Although the water damage might not be visible that doesn’t mean there isn’t damage occurring. At First Response Restoration, we have made it our job to accurately identify the extent of water damage so that we can offer the best water damage restoration services in Westchester County Ny. We will share some common signs of Water Damage so you can be prepared to have water damage restoration services if needed.

Water Damage Restoration in Westchester County, NY

water leak in the wall

Water staining or Dark Wet spots can start to form on your ceilings, walls, floors and baseboards. This Water Damage can be yellow, brown, or even gray and can change color and size over time. Don’t waste any time if you start notice water damage anywhere in your home. Get it assessed to prevent secondary damage and even health issues from Mold Growth. Mold Can start growing within 24-48 hours after to first signs of water damage.

Your walls and ceilings can start bubbling, cracking and or even flaking as asa result of water damage. This happens when too much moisture is built up behind the building structure and the water damage has nowhere to go. Make sure to get this water damage assessed as soon as possible.

Another obvious sign of water damage is if there is a puddle of water near any appliances, sinks or toilets. If the water re appears after you clean it up you most likely have an active leak that will need to be addressed. Not only does the plumbing fixture need to be repaired or replaced but the water damage will need to be assessed. Hidden moisture will need to be checked to ensure you don’t get mold from the water damage

After Water Damage occurs must odors typically follow shortly after. This is a strong indication you have water damage and an active leak somewhere that should be checked out. If you have a musty odor in your home or business check around for water damage and ensure no mold growth has formed after the water damage occurred.

If you have discovered any of the Water Damage signs listed above in your Westchester County home or business, Call the Water Damage Restoration experts at First Response. We offer Water Damage Restoration services in Westchester County, NY and have been restoring businesses and homes since 1991.

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