Kitchen Sink Overflow Cleanup in Westchester, NY & Fairfield, CT

The occasional kitchen sink overflow means the home's owner needs a prompt solution, whether it's a clogged drain or something else. When a kitchen sink overflows, it can cause a huge mess and lead to severe damage. There can be a lot to fix and clean up because of a kitchen sink overflow. 

When you discover a kitchen sink overflow, do not wait too long for it to be repaired! Count on First Response Restoration if you live in Bedford, Yorktown, MahopacGreenwich, and within our other service area. We have experts who can find the cause and determine if the pipe needs repair or replacement. Contact us online or call us at 914-268-6141.

Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Overflow

Here's a few reasons:

sink overflow
  • Food wastes: Sometimes when leftover food is dumped in the kitchen sink it can get stuck in the pipe and cause overflow.
  • Soap residue: Many dishwasher soaps use fat in their formula, which can cause the sink to clog and overflow.
  • Grease, fat, or oil: Anything with high-fat content can solidify and clog as it moves through the drain pipe.
  • Starches: Clogged kitchen sinks are frequently caused by pasta, potatoes, beans, and grains. When exposed to water, they expand and form a paste-like material that is harmful to your pipes.

Why Choose First Response Restoration?

Here's a few reasons:

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  • Free moisture inspections
  • Direct insurance billing
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  • Free estimates

Count on First Response Restoration if you need kitchen sink overflow cleanup service! We also provide services like sink overflow cleanup, clogged drain overflow, shower and tub overflow and more. Call 914-268-6141 to contact us online.