Sump Pump Overflow Clean Up & Repair in Westchester and Fairfield

At any given time your sump pump can fail and overflow resulting in significant water damage in your basement. Some typical causes of sump pump failure could be due to a power outage or from severe flooding which would overload your pump causing it to burn out. No matter the cause or location of the overflow, a single incident can result in either basement water damage or even worse flood your entire house! The best course of action would be to call a professional restoration company to clean up and repair the Water Damage!

First Response Restoration is a licensed, IICRC Certified firm who offers all kinds of restoration services such as water damage restoration, basement water damage, and sump pump overflow cleanup and repair. We offer services in Scarsdale, Bedford, Rye, Chappaqua, Darien, Greenwich, Westport, Stamford, Nowalk and throughout the Westchester/Fairfield County area. So if you are in need of sump pump overflow clean up or repair services call us today at 914-268-6141 for a free consultation and moisture inspection.

What Causes a Sump Pump To Overflow in a Westchester or Fairfield County Basement?

Sump Pump Repair
  • A Clogged Float Switch: The float switch is essential to a properly functioning sump pump, if it is clogged this can result in serious issues. A simple test would be to lift the bracket attached to the float and the pump should switch on. If not, then a replacement will be necessary in the near future.
  • Broken Check Valve: Check valves are there to ensure that the water in the sump pit flows outside the home, and not back into the pit. A broken check valve means a constant game of tennis between the pump, and the same water as it re-enters the sump pit.
  • lack of maintenance: You should have your pump cleaned, and tested regularly to ensure proper function. This will help avoid unwanted overflows.
  • old age: The average life expectancy of a sump pump is 10 years with proper maintenance.
  • Discharge Pipe Failure: Your discharge pipe is designed to divert water away from the home. . If it isn't doing its job, this water will end up right back into your basement.
  • Power Outages: This is one of the most common causes of a sump failure and overflow. This typically happens after a severe storm.
  • Underpowered sump pump: It is crucial to make sure that your pump has enough power to handle the size of your basement and any volume of water thrown at it. Areas that experience extreme rain events or high water tables are typically prone to sump pump failures resulting in overflows.

Solutions For Sump Pump Overflow Cleanup in Westchester and Fairfield

  1. Assess Sump Pump and Resulting Damages
  2. Make any necessary repairs
  3. Emergency Water Extraction
  4. Inventory Damaged Contents
  5. Remove any Water Damaged building materials
  6. Clean and Sanitize the Flooded Basement
  7. Set Drying Equipment

Why Choose First Response Restoration?

First Response Restoration provides a wide range of sump pump overflow and other water damage services such as installation, cleanup, replacement, repair, dry out, for your home or business! We have been a recognized sump pump overflow cleanup company in the Westchester and Fairfield counties since 1991.

We work with all major insurance carriers and can even assist with filing the initial claim. Our Basement Flood team is available 24/7 365 days a year to be dispatched to your home or business any time any day.

We are an IICRC Certified Firm and utilize state of the art equipment.

Contact First Response Restoration at the first sign of Water Damage, Water Leaks, Mold Damage, at 914-268-6141 or online here to get the best cleanup and restoration services in your area.

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Putnam Valley, NY

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We highly recommend First Response for any type of home restoration. They are friendly and professional and quick to respond!!! If you live the Westchester, NYC, CT area you MUST call them!!! THANKS FIRST RESPONSE!!!

Brookfield, CT

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Cole and his team were on time and very courteous when our bathroom flooded the lower level of our home. When I called, he came out the next day to take a look. The cleaning crew was professional and so nice to our dogs (who kept it pretty noisy whil...

Newburgh , NY

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The First Response team was everything and more of what you would expect from a contractor. When my newly finished basement flooded due to a broken pipe the first thing I did was call a cousin of mine who happens to have been a plumber for the past 1...

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Rye Brook, NY

The First Response crew was able to use their extraction truck to remove all the sewage water out of the basement. After the extraction process, the crew got to work scrubbing and sanitizing the basement using air scrubbers and steam cleaners. The cr...

Brookfield, CT

After receiving the call from the customer, Project Manager Rob drove to Brookfield to inspect the damage from the flood of water. After taking numerous moisture readings, Rob came up with a comprehensive protocol for our IICRC certified technicians ...

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Our Project Manager Rob went to the property for an inspection and immediately had the extraction truck dispatched to the home. The technicians extracted the standing sewage water from the basement and set up a cleaning station to wipe down salvageab...

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