Professional Foundation Crack Repair in Westchester

Having cracks in a concrete foundation is quite normal because it is a clear sign of foundation settlement. After a foundation is built, the concrete naturally shrinks during the curing process. Thus the cracks seem to appear. So, whenever you see slight cracks on the foundation wall, there’s absolutely no reason to worry unless the cracks begin to stretch. If they start to broaden up abnormally, it could be the reason for structural damage. Here you need a professional repair service. First Response Restoration provides you with complete support in the repairing process. For years, we have gathered experience in this disaster cleanup, repair and restoration industry to give our customers effortless service.

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The Main Causes of Foundation Wall Cracks in Your Property

Foundation crack repair

Severe foundation cracks can be visible due to a variety of reasons. But most of the time water damage is the common cause of foundation wall crack. And the closest reason for this water damage could be basement flooding. Apart from the misfortune events, there are some natural causes for cracking the foundation.

  • Foundation Shrinkage: There might appear hairline cracks when the newly built concrete wall starts to dry out.
  • Foundation Settlement: During the soil settlement process, cracks can occur. For uneven settlements, larger cracks can be visible and cause serious damage.
  • Soil Expansion: Some soils have the capability of expanding. When the beneath soil gets wet, it can create expansion and crack the foundation wall.

Repair Your Foundation Damages with First Response Restoration

Ours is an IICRC-certified company that is locally owned as well. We are Westchester’s one of the best restoration companies, always efficient towards our customers. We have an expert restoration crew who are relentlessly working for the betterment of your property. We serve other services as well - Sump Pump Overflow, Burst Pipes, Water Heater Burst Cleanup and more. Our emergency services are available 24/7/365 basis.

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