Toilet Overflow Cleanup in Westchester, NY & Fairfield, CT

Is your toilet overflowing and causing floods in your home? If your answer is yes then wait no more, call First Response Restoration immediately online or call us at 914-268-6141 for toilet overflow cleanup. We have experts who can handle this messy situation efficiently and save your property from getting further damage.

A toilet overflow can cause serious water damage if not taken care of it early. Standing water if left for a long time may cause many problems like floor damage, structural damage, mold, fungus, and many other issues. If you live in Bedford, Yorktown, Mahopac, Greenwich, and nearby areas contact First Response Restoration online or call us at 914-268-6141 for booking our service!

Causes of Toilet Overflow

toilet overflow cleanup service

Following are a few causes of toilet overflow:

  • Blockages in the Pipes- When you flush your toilet, a blockage in the toilet or surrounding pipes prevents water from emptying. Using too much toilet paper is the most prevalent cause of blockages. Some older low-flow toilets are prone to clogging, necessitating many flushes.
  • Vents Blocked- A vertical pipe that links all of your plumbing fittings is known as a plumbing vent. It allows air into your pipes to replace the air that is flushed down the drain with each flush. It generally has a roof-mounted outlet.
  • Broken Plumbing- It's possible that there's a problem with your toilet. It might be due to a malfunctioning tank float mechanism or a problem with the handle.
  • Septic Tank Overflow- You could face a similar problem if you have a septic tank instead of a public sewer system. Your toilets will overflow if your septic tank is full or if water cannot leave for any reason.

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