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The worst thing about fire damage is that it leaves havoc in this path, damaging nearby surroundings. In the process of a fire outbreak, your home or office probably will also be damaged by smoke & soot, the most common by-products of fire. However, our IICRC-certified fire damage crew from First Response Restoration has the necessary equipment & experience to provide superior smoke damage restoration services to return your property to its pre-damage condition.

Smoke also degrades decorative objects & damages their shine. First Response Restoration is fully equipped to take care of each & every aspect of smoke damage. When you face fire incidents like a fire outbreak, chimney fire, puffback, or any other, our emergency crews are on-call 24/7/365 to assist commercial & residential customers in Yorktown HeightsWhite PlainsYonkersNew RochelleHarrison, and dozens of other cities in Westchester County, NY, & Fairfield County, CT. For more information about our products and services, call 914-268-6141 or click here to make an appointment today at your home or office in PoughkeepsieFairfieldRyeBedford, and Bethel

Superior Smoke & Odor Removal Services from First Response

Odor, Soot, Duct System, HVAC Smoke

We have licensed & certified professionals, advanced techniques & state-of-the-art equipment to remove all traces of smoke from your residential or business after a fire.

Odor Removal: Smoke has the ability to bind with fabrics and various materials found in your home, like furniture, bed sheets, curtains & more, to create odors. We can help remove these smells from your indoor environment.

Soot Removal: Soot is a distinguishable deep black powdery or flaky substance that consists of amorphous carbon. Created by incomplete burning of organic matter during a fire, these dry or greasy soot areas can be difficult to clean. 

Duct System Smoke Removal: When your duct system is affected by smoke, you will notice a burnt smell spreading throughout your home via your HVAC ductwork. To remove smoke particles from your duct system, our specialists have dusters, vacuums, air deodorizers, and sanitizing sprays.

HVAC Smoke & Soot Cleanup: Housefires, chimney fires, and even puff backs produce large amounts of smoke and soot. These substances build up within your HVAC system. Your entire home might smell smoky, but our smoke & soot cleanup crew can end the problem for you.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Count on First Response to Restore Your Smoke Damages in Yorktown Heights, NY

First Response Restoration is standing by 24/7 to help you with outstanding fire damage restoration when you need it most. We are serving homeowners & business owners in White Plains, Middletown, Spring Valley, PoughkeepsieMohegan Lake, & nearby areas for more than 30+ years. You can also trust us as well to restore your smoke-damaged property. Call 914-268-6141 for a free estimate or click here to make an appointment for services in CarmelChesterChappaqua, or Newtown.

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