Smoke Odor Sealers for Properties in Fairfield & Westchester

After a fire, a special coating called a "smoke odor sealer" can protect a building from further damage by adhering to burnt surfaces, repelling spills, and eliminating the disagreeable odors generated by lingering smoke. Smoke-damaged walls should be cleaned as soon as possible after a fire to prevent the toxins and chemicals from the fire from permeating the walls of the structure.

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Benefits of Smoke Odor Sealers


The over-reliance on sealers, rather than efficient source removal, is the most common problem with their use. Sealers are useful tools because they can prevent contamination even after adequate cleaning, deodorization, and removal of debris have been completed. Experts at First Response Restoration have access to the most recent and cutting-edge smoke odor sealing technology.

Our IICRC-trained restoration specialists are available around-the-clock, ready to help anyone in need. Our insurance experts will assist you in filing a claim and will submit the necessary paperwork to your insurance provider.


Why Should You Use Smoke Odor Sealers?

Sealers are now used to prevent the spread of smoke odors, hide the coloring and heat caused by smoke, and bind together settling combustion particles. Typically, white pigment titanium dioxide is added to products to better disguise stains. It is currently common practice to apply a pigmented sealer to smoking surfaces in buildings in order to mitigate odors.

Count On Us For Smoke Odor Sealers

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