Insulation Replacement Service in Westchester and Fairfield Counties

Insulation Replacement is unquestionably necessary for a property that has undergone fire damage. The effectiveness of the insulation may be compromised by a sudden fire within the property or nearby. A threat arises from smoke that has persisted in the insulation. Even insulation that seems undamaged by smoke damage and absorbed smoky smells can sometimes exist. 

Replacement of insulation requires professional restoration service. First Response Restoration is a reasonable and reliable option for commercial and residential consumers in Yorktown Heights, Fairfield, Putnam Valley, and other cities in the Westchester County service area, NY. We have all the necessary tools to handle every phase of smoke damage. To learn more, call 914-268-6141 or click here to make an appointment today for smoke damage restoration services.

Reasons to Replace Your Insulation


A key component of every building is insulation. Replacing it following smoke damage can result in positive outcomes. Such as - 

  • Better Indoor Air Quality - Smoke odor will spread throughout the house and lower the quality of the air when it permeates insulation and stays. It would be possible to reduce the smell of smoke with new insulation while also preventing outside contaminants and pollution from entering the attic and moving throughout the house.
  • Prevents Pests - When the insulation has to be replaced, homeowners can install pest-resistant insulation to prevent pests from getting inside the attic or creating nests there.
  • Enhances Energy Efficiency - Overall cost of heating and cooling can be reduced with new insulation. Your HVAC system uses less energy when heat is kept within your building.

Contact for The Best Insulation Replacement Service

First Response Restoration has been in the restoration business for more than 30 years and is committed to serving you in any situation. Any damaged insulation within your home that has been harmed by a fire breakout will be quickly and affordably replaced by First Response Restoration's IICRC-certified restoration specialists. We are available 24/7 for immediate assistance to serve White Plains, Middletown, Spring Valley, Yonkers, Harrison, & other service areas across Westchester County, NY, & Fairfield County, CT.

Call us today at 914-268-6141 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation. Take advantage of the best and most dependable insulation replacement service today. We also provide Fire Damage Restoration, Soot Damage RestorationFire & Smoke Odor Removal, etc.